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It\'s Oh So Quiet a killer lurks behind the calm

England\’s green and pleasant land. A peaceful haven on the edge of the metropolitan sprawl.

Or is it?

DCI Ted Darling is called out to consult when a body is found at the foot of a waterfall. A simple accident? Or something more sinister?

When post-mortem examination confirms that the victim was murdered in an unusual way, Ted finds himself with too many possible motives and potential suspects.

The case is taking longer than usual and Ted\’s coming under pressure from the top brass. Especially when the press get hold of a new lead.

What\’s the connection with missing farmer Fred Burrows? And what is the significance of the mysterious site, The Stones?

Another gripping, twisting case in the popular Ted Darling Crime Series.

210701_ItsOhSoQuiet - kindle #1-1