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Cry For The Bad Man here does a wise man hide a pebble?

‘Where does a wise man hide a pebble?’

Home Office Pathologist Professor Nelson’s question marks the beginning of Ted Darling’s latest case. Not one he was expecting to get for him and his team. The tragic but seemingly straightforward suicide of a young man.

It’s a case where nothing is quite as it seems. There’s no shortage of potential suspects. The trouble is, they all alibi one another. The case is going nowhere. An unexpected change in the police hierarchy isn’t helping. Nor does a phone call from the Infirmary summoning Ted to the bedside of a dying man.

Ted’s detection track record is excellent. But could this enquiry prove to be his nemesis? The one that got away?

Available in ebook or paperback format and to order from most good bookshops.

Ted Darling Crime Series - 10 - Cry for the Bad man