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A Woman\'s Heart \'tense, topical, gritty, gripping’

Women’s confidence in the police to solve the crimes of violence they suffer has never been lower. DCI Ted Darling’s top brass task him with improving things. A public meeting to hear their concerns takes him back to a dark place in his childhood. Can he stay detached and professional?

Then he gets shocking news of the most challenging sexual assault case of his career to date. And it’s not the first time the same attackers have struck.

When a body is found dumped by fly-tippers, in a separate incident, Ted is happy to turn that case over to his DI, Jo Rodriguez. Neither of them realises the discovery could potentially threaten the life of one of the team – and anyone who’s had contact with them.

Author L M Krier doesn’t shy away from contemporary issues. Some readers may find some of the subject matter of this book challenging.

Kindle Cover - A Woman's Heart